Mission Statement

ITLS Ontario is committed to offering and supporting pre-hospital trauma care training as per ITLS International standards, rules and regulations. As such, our objectives are the following:

  • To establish and provide ITLS-Basic, Advanced, Pediatric and Access courses to pre-hospital care providers, hospital care providers and other health care professionals such as Physicians, Paramedics, Firefighters, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Nursing students, Paramedic students, Medical students, firefighter candidates and other emergency first responders.
  • To ensure a consistent standard of instruction is provided and programs are continually evaluated.
  • To provide the learner with an environment conducive to learning by addressing the needs of the learner in the areas of comfort, relevance, experience and support.
  • To provide the learner with an understanding of the etiology and pathology of trauma through lectures and presentations.
  • To provide the learner with an understanding of an organized approach to the initial and detailed assessments of the trauma patient as well as appropriate patient transport.
  • To provide the learner with an understanding of life-threatening critical injuries and how to recognize these conditions in the trauma patient.
  • To provide the learner with the knowledge of, and an opportunity to practice, the skills used to intervene in critical situations.
  • To establish a schedule of courses on a regular basis to ensure availability of course to target groups.
  • To maintain a qualified pool of instructors, co-ordinators and medical directors to ensure coverage for all requested courses.
  • To ensure the principles and philosophy of ITLS are maintained.